Complete the gaps with the correct form of the verb: -INGor TO+INF

  1. Stop _________ (make) so much noise, I’m studying!
  2. The children are trying  _______________ (clean) the house.
  3. Tom remembers __________ (tell) her to come home early.
  4. She came ________ (follow) the rules of the game.
  5.  John dreaded ________ (open) the envelope.
  6. We went on _________ (speak) in spite of the noise.
  7. Such strong argument only meant _________ (break up) the relationship.
  8. My father regrets ________ (quit) his last job
  9.  Don’t forget _________ (close) the windows before you leave.
  10.  After driving for 3 hours I stopped ________ (rest) in a motel.
  11. My son came _________ (cry) after he fell.
  12. I dread _________ (think) what will happen in the next elections.
  13.  When she finished explaining the grammar, the teacher went on _________ (set) the homework.
  14. Did you remember ________ (leave) the key under the doormat?
  15. I regret _________ (inform) you that we do not have any vacancies for this course.
  16.  My mom forgot _________ (turn off) the iron, so she had to go back home.
  17. My teacher told me she had tried __________ (run) to lose weight, but she admitted she likes sweets too much.
  18. Sean meant ________ (be) nasty when he said what he said. He was very angry.